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Improve all your home Ethernet connections with Ethernet cables

We specialise in improving your connection using Ethernet cables around your home, so your Wi-Fi is free to do what it should.
Domestic fibre optic cables

Do you get frustrated trying to watch Netflix?

You know what it's like, the more people that are on your internet at home, the less speed you have between you. It's fine if you are simply browsing, but once your eldest starts playing on xbox live, and you want to stream Netflix, the problems begin. R.S.S installations can install a discreet cable network that can be tailored to your requirements to ensure that you'll be able to watch the next series of your favourite show as soon as it's available.

Great gaming performance

Are you tired of your connection lagging when you're gaming? Or are you consistently frustrated by your download speed? If you know that the performance of the internet coming into your property isn't what you're receiving at your games console or PC, it could be that your data cables are to blame. In a recent home installation, we increased one PS4 owner's download speed from 370kbps to 30Mbps, just consider the difference this kind of improvement could make to you. 
broadband cable installation
For improved connection speeds for your home or Home office contact R.S.S Installations, Nuneaton, today
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We can improve your connections

Our experienced engineers offer a variety of installations for your home office and personal requirements, and we are happy to advise on what would be the best solution for you. So whether the kids are hogging your bandwidth, or you need an additional connection for the study, call us today, we'll be happy to offer you the benefit of our expertise.
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